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I have been conferred WBO Parashar Most Authentic Vedic Astrologer of the World Award.

This award will be given by Mr. Virendra Sharma MP of Southall and Ealing at House of Commons, Westminster, London on 31st October 2014.

I shall be flying off to London on 30th October 2014 to receive the award.

World Brahmin Organisation (WBO) called a convention from 31st October – 2nd November 2014 on The Relevance of Vedas in the present Era.

I will also deliver a lecture on the importance of Nakshatras in Vedas which still predominates our life and this is a continuum phenomenon.

Other Awardees in different fields are – Madhur Bhandarkar (Producer Bollywood Films), Dr. Palitha Serasinghe (Ayurveda), Sadhvi Bhagwati Saraswati (Founder and President, Divin Shakti Foundation).
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2014 FIFA World Cup
84 % correct predictions by Pandit Ajai Bhambi’s predictions on 2014 FIFA World Cup 2014 till knock-out stage is creating a storm.

Watch him on India News at 6.30 pm on the day of the match as he makes his predictions on the winner and even on length of game i.e. if game will be in stipulated time or there will be extra time
Unfolding of current Political Scenario Of India
Indian politics of late have seen a churning along with an awakening of the citizens of the country. The scenario of political India has witnessed the rise of the common man and the country and the world is echoing with the voice of the aam aadmi. In this world of uncertainty these unprecedented events were astutely predicted by Pandit Ajai Bhambi.

Astrology when applied in its truest form can make startling predictions. This has been seen in predictions made by Pandit Ajai Bhambi on the rise of common citizen, the aam aadmi, which has taken the form of an all-encompassing storm and the movement and change in thinking of the common man has swept the country.
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Ancient Astrological Evening "Gateway to your future" was held on yesterday dated 13.10.201 at 7 PM in moscow. — with Ahmad Bakhsh Awan.
Spot-On Predictions by Pandit Ajai Bhambi on the state elections
While writing about different political parties he has predicted in his article that Shivraj Singh Chauhan and Raman Singh of Madhya Pradeshand Chattisgarh will come back.

He could foresee that Vasundhra Raje Scindia is coming back in a big way in Rajasthan after trouncing Ashok Gehlot.

In the same article he has said that Delhi will be a hung assembly and AAP Party will gain tremendous mileage in this election.
Pandit Ajai Bhambi ji honoured for his immense contribution towards the Holistic Wellness of Society by GTM HOLISTIC WELLNESS AWARD on 14th May 2014.
Mars – Saturn conjunction creates an explosive environment till September 2015
Saturn is the slowest planet of our solar system and it takes about 30 years to make a round of the Sun. Saturn remains in a sign for about two and a half years. Saturn is well associated with the general psyche of India and those who believe in Vedic astrology. When Saturn crosses over natal Moon that period is known as Saturn’s ‘sade saati’ which comprises seven and a half years. It is also noted that when Saturn transits 4th and 8th from the natal Moon; those years are known as ‘dhaiyyas’.

For more than two years Saturn has been crossing over the sign Libra. Libra is the exaltation point of Saturn, and then in other words we may say that Saturn has been in exaltation for the last two years (approximately). When Saturn remains in a sign for two and a half years then it gets the chance to conjunct with all the planets barring Rahu and Jupiter. Saturn is most uncomfortable when it gets conjunct with two extremely powerful planets Sun and Mars. Sun and Saturn have a different equation when they get conjunct but the most severe conjunction is of Mars and Saturn which is ongoing nowadays.

Let us go back 30 years in India’s political history which is the year 1984. The year 1984 was the most eventful year of independent India and one which transforms our Nation once for all. Saturn - Mars conjunction was taking place on 15th February 1984 and after that many disastrous things happened in this country. Just to recall a few: Punjab was burning with the terrorism and extreme insurgency which had affected the entire psyche of the Nation. The National Capital Delhi used to be quite a scary place in those days. Bhinderwala had captured the Golden Temple and the Indira Gandhi government took an action against this capture of the Golden Temple. Operation Blue Star cleared the Golden Temple of terrorists but it hurt the sentiments of the Sikh community and created a serious Hindu-Sikh divide. Two Sikh bodyguards of Indira Gandhi killed her in her house and after that Sikh riots took place throughout the country. Altogether a new and young face of Rajiv Gandhi appeared on the horizon and he got the best mandate till date.

Whenever Mars and Saturn conjunction takes place, it has a severe bearing on the nation’s events for a very long time. Thirty years after 1984, in 2014 Saturn is again crossing over its exaltation sign Libra and it has brought about a paradigm shift in the Nations thinking by bringing Narendra Modi at the helm of affairs. Primarily Saturn is a democratic planet and when crossing Libra it makes sure to bring the balance in the society and that is what we are experiencing now. Modi loves to say that he was a “chaiwala” and the entire nation has given him power to rule this country for the next five years.

There are two interesting analogies – firstly while in 1984 the thumping electoral success of Rajiv Gandhi was attributes to his Mr. Clean image and young Indian rhetorics like in 2014 almost similar exponents have been advanced however the fact remains that in both times, majority community voted en masse for both these leaders to give them unprecedented mandate. Similarly both leaders have emerged as new icons charismatic leadership to give hope to millions of Indians in ushering a new era in Indian polity.

The exact Saturn-Mars conjunction took place on 26th August 2014. It is to be noted that these types of conjunctions take place only for a day or so but their impact lasts for a very long time. Today is just 28th August 2014 and all the national TV channels and newspapers are carrying a report of differences between Narendra Modi and his Home Minister Rajnath Singh. A lot of allegations have also been leveled on other Ministers performances and other issues are also being raised. Some of the ministers and bureaucrats are not appreciating the authoritarian way in which Modi is functioning. One cannot ignore the Hindu-Muslim riots taking place specially in Uttar Pradesh and unrest can be seen in different parts of the country. A new menace has been seen first time after independence of ‘Love jihad” where young Muslim boys are duping Hindu girls by hiding their identity. Firing on the border and constant tension is being seen at the border. Mars – Saturn conjunction also creates havoc with Nature and monsoon deficiency is not the only cause of worry but flood and disasters are adding to the woes of the economy of the country. Theft, fire, robbery, murder, road rage has also increased due to the conjunction of Mars and Saturn.

Narendra Modi is a very organized and disciplined person, hard task master and has the capacity to work round-the-clock should the need arise. The BJP victory in the last election was solely attributed to Narendra Modi who had single-handedly criss-crossed the length and breadth of the entire nation and gave numerous innovative speeches which galvanised the entire youth of the India for him. Narendra Modi is a visionary who has devised his own method as per the need of the hour. The way he has utilized the social media – Facebook, Twitter; networking, video conferencing no other party had even thought of it. Many people thought that Cambridge returned Rahul Gandhi will do this but he did not have this vision and neither did anyone else in his party. Modi, from a very humble background has understood the need of the hour and has mobilized the entire nation to take the reins of the country. His recent address to the nation on 15th August on 2014 has echoed in every Indian heart and many people debate that it has surpassed the first speech of Jawaharlal Nehru. The kind of support and vision that he has which if used correctly has the capacity to transform the Nation.

Coming back to the Saturn-Mars conjunction which is happening at the moment and its impact will last for minimum one year from now so therefore we are analyzing the impact of this adverse conjunction for the next one year say till September 2015.

Astrologically Saturn represents tradition, old practice, system or a pattern which has been followed for quite some time. When Saturn conjuncts with Mars that too especially in Libra then it creates an environment to break away from the old pattern which has been persisting for the last many years. The stalwarts of BJP Atal Bihari Vajpayee, LK Advani and Murali Manohar Joshi who had been central figures of the party for the last five decades have been abruptly dethroned by Narendra Modi and his protégé Amit Shah. This was unthinkable a few months back but when Saturn and Mars are in conjunction then old has to unceremoniously give way to the new. Indiscipline, dishonesty and not working diligently have been a common practice in the government offices in India. Modi’s methodologies have marred this old practice to bring about a transformation is creating a new healthy environment altogether. Perhaps in his mind he is thinking that if he can bring about change at the top level then this will percolate down to each citizen where each of the 125 crore takes one step forward making for a huge leap for the nation.

They say old habits die hard and people are not willing to change easily unless and until they are forced circumstantially or self-realization takes place. Saturn will be transiting to Scorpio in November 2014 for the next two and a half years. Saturn’s placement in Scorpio is not considered very good because it is an inimical sign which belongs to Mars. We are reminded of 1984. After the conjunction of Saturn-Mars in February 1984, when Saturn moved into the next house then a lot of chaotic situations took place in 1984 including the death of Indira Gandhi and the rise of Rajiv Gandhi.

One school of thought believes that history repeats itself and another school believes that history never repeats itself. We are firm believers of the latter statement. In the same way planets repeat itself in the sky but with a total difference. Mars – Saturn conjunction took place in 1984 and many events happened including the murder of Indira Gandhi. The same conjunction of Mars – Saturn is happening after 30 years and in the same sign but the pattern of results which is going to follow now for the next one year will be entirely different from what happened then.

This conjunction is taking place in Libra and the constellation involved is Vishakha which belongs to Jupiter. Jupiter is in its exaltation sign Cancer and has occupied Saturn’s constellation and Saturn in turn has gone into Jupiter’s constellation. Coming back to the pattern of results that we foresee; the fabric of this country may get affected in the coming months. We also foresee distrust and disharmony between different communities which could also escalate in the near future. People of different parties and ideologies will unite against Modi not to dislodge him but to create difficulties by inciting communal passions. The behavior pattern or attitude of people does not change overnight therefore if Modi is thinking that he has got some magic wand to bring a miraculous turnaround he will face disappointment. Border disputes may also become a focal point and infiltrators will try to create internal disturbances. After the initial euphoria dies down, his authoritarian style may not be appreciated by the bureaucracy and his party colleagues.

Narendra Modi should also be careful about people close to him aligning against him to create hurdles in his task since his unified totalitarian power may not be to the liking of people around him.
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Pandit Ajai Bhambi is a celebrity astrologer of world fame is a consultant to the famous Actors, Politicians, Sportspersons, Film and TV Directors, Musicians, Artists, Writers, Models and other personalities. He connects with people on a personal level and also on a philosophical plane. His desire is to equip the individual with knowledge to best deal with life and to make the best of opportunities and strengths. Pandit ji is also a great Healer of Himalayan Yogic Parampara (tradition). Pandit Bhambi is a holistic astrologer, Gem stone consultant, Vaastu shaastra consultant who advises on all aspects of life ? career, love and marriage, finance et al. His mastery of Vedic astrology is coupled with a deep understanding of the practical aspects of life today. Pandit Ajai Bhambi?s accurate predictions continue to amaze people through his profiles and forecasts of celebrities, countries and events. He is a well known face on Indian television as well as a prolific writer. Make the most of your opportunities and find astrological solutions to your problems. Get your personalized horoscope reading and jyotish forecasts from the Best.

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Lifetime Achivment Award
Pandit Ajai Bhambi was honoured by the "2011 World Spiritual Parliament" with the "Lifetime Achievement Award" in areas of scientific prediction and futurology. Pandit Bhambi spoke about Astrology and Spirituality at the 2011 World Spiritual Parliament sponsored by Affiliate of United Nations – ECOSOC, UNDPI, UNICEF and UNESCO on 6 September 2011. He spoke on the auspicious occasion of the Special Session of the World Spiritual Parliament in the presence of National and International Dignitaries. The Award has been jointly instituted by the World Spiritual Parliament(WSP), International Association of Educators for World Peace (IAEWP), The Global Open University Nagaland and the Confederation of Indian Universities (CIU) in association with the World Spiritual Forum for cooperation with the United Nations for enabling Awardees to throw themselves into a cleaner, greener, and spiritual environment with full zeal and enthusiasm so that the Indian and the World Citizenry could use their knowledge relating spirituality, meditation and the science of living to the fullest extent of their abilities for managing the affairs of the planet and for solving all problems including peacelessness, poverty, illetracy, pollution, unemployment, population explosion and religious intolerance. Astrology and Spirituality by Pandit Ajai Bhambi.


My Dear Revered Friends, Mere Param Adarniya Mitron, It is an honour to talk about the role of Astrology in the field of spirituality. For the first time this subject is being discussed on a global platform and spiritual Astrology is playing a pivotal role in World Peace. From time immemorial Freewill vs. Fate has been debated and this process is likely to continue. Those who believe in Freewill are absolutely right when they say that they are free to do anything and they are the Doers. According to this understanding, if all of us are present in this august hall, then it is our freewill that has brought us here. Freewill enables each and every individual on this earth to be Buddha, Krishna, Jesus, Prophet Muhammad and so on. Despite these great examples and many theories in this world, not many people get enlightened. Those who follow the Karma theory strongly believe that if you are born on this planet then the role of Karma at a subtle level cannot be ruled out. Astrology goes one step further. Within a particular time and space, the influence of celestial bodies cannot be ruled out.

What clients say
I just wanted to say 'thank you' again and I really enjoyed our session today. You enlightened me on so many things I feel I have been there within me (not fully understanding) and the reassurance you gave just makes me feel so complete and confident of my journey. I look forward to another session with you in the near future.
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